Daphne Alphonso: What belonging to the Caravita community has meant for me

I was named to Rome as General Treasurer of my Congregation and started coming to Caravita on a regular basis in 2019. I had heard a lot about Caravita from different persons but somehow never got round to coming.

What struck me most when I came was the warm welcome received, the bonding that seemed to radiate among the people I met, the interest they showed towards each other. I also felt nourished by the homilies. Belonging to the Caravita community has been energising and empowering for me.

The gathering after Mass enabled people to get to know one another more, strengthen bonds and widen horizons making new acquaintances.

Since then, I have never stopped coming and when I used to travel a lot, would try my level best to be back in Rome for the Sunday.

I have also strived to contribute to the life of the community as much as possible: choir, reading ministries and was always ready to fill in if required.

A key moment for me in the Caravita community was the solidarity I experienced in December 2019 when my Dad passed away and my nephew was seriously ill. I truly felt supported and encouraged by the community.

I should have left Rome last August, but because of COVID, am still here and have thus been able to benefit from Caravita for another year, for which I am very thankful.

When asked about Caravita, I invite people to “come and see” leaving them totally free to decide whether the community responds to their needs.

Today, I would like to express my gratitude for each one of you, for all you are and do for the community. I shall miss you and would be thrilled to welcome you in Montreal.

I count on your continued support and prayers as I continue my student life on the other side of the Atlantic, and will surely be thinking of you all here in Rome, sincerely hoping that the membership will increase as various members will be leaving for new horizons this year.