Welcome all guests as Christ


Because some questions are asked more than others.

When is Mass celebrated?

The Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday at 11:00 in English. After the liturgy we gather at the back of the church for refreshments and conversation.

When is the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

There is the opportunity to go to confession before or after the Eucharist on Sundays. Just ask one of the attending priests and they will happily hear your confession. The pastoral staff can be contacted directly any time to arrange for a moment of reconciliation.

Can I get married or baptised at Caravita?

As Caravita is not a parish, it is not normally possible to celebrate these sacraments here. However, once those sacraments have been celebrated elsewhere in a parish church, it is possible to arrange for an affirmation of the sacrament during the Sunday Eucharist.

Can I volunteer with Caravita?

There are a variety of opportunities to volunteer at our services, for example by doing the readings or by welcoming people when they arrive. Click here for more information. For a more “hands on” volunteering experience, you can contact Centro Astalli, a center run by Jesuit Refugee Services to help migrants. Click here for more information.