Welcome all guests as Christ

About Us

We are women and men, who experience life as God’s gift and self giving, who listen to and give witness to the Word of God. We value friendship and are committed to ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, to social justice and peace building.

A church for all faiths

caravitaWe come together for the Eucharist in English on Sundays and major holy days. We generally offer a reconciliation service during Advent and again during Lent. We are not a parish, but rather a multi-cultural community of sojourners who are based in Rome, but travel frequently. The majority of our community members have worked on several continents, often for decades. About half the community members are religious women and men from a variety of congregations, universities, and church organizations. We bring together, on any given Sunday, people from twenty different countries.

As a Catholic liturgical community committed to ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, we often welcome guests and fellow seekers from other faith communities who enrich our spiritual journey. Sisters and brothers from other Christian traditions, including Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant communions, are welcome to worship with us, to the degree that our still-imperfect communion allows. We regularly host ecumenical evensong (vespers) to mark events of importance to Christian Unity in Rome.

Guests of other religious traditions, including Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, are welcome as they learn more about Christianity and enter into the dialogue of experience. Nearly all the community members are adults. In addition, each week we welcome many English-speaking visitors and pilgrims to Rome.

As well as sharing an always nourishing and life-giving liturgy, the major concerns of the community include ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, liturgical developments, social justice and peace-building, mostly in developing countries. We have a team of four priests who share responsibilities for presiding at the Sunday liturgy, and a few committees that take up other necessary tasks.

A pastoral council, consisting of the pastoral staff and representatives of the entire community, offer guidance for the ministry and life of the community, and to facilitate communication within the community.

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