Welcome all guests as Christ

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Sunday Mass at 11:00 in English

"Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, 'I came as a guest, and you received Me' (Matt. 25:35). And to all let due honor be shown, especially to the domestics of the faith and to pilgrims... In the salutation of all guests, whether arriving or departing, let all humility be shown." (Rule of Saint Benedict, §53)

We welcome pilgrims from all faiths and all walks of life

Caravita has reopened for in-person worship. Those who come to participate in person are expected to wear a mask at all times, and to follow our new worship guidelines (available for reference at this link.)

In a change from previous years, we will also be remaining open in July and August.

We continue to broadcast the Mass online for those unable to come in person during this time. Please contact a pastoral council member if you wish to have those details.

The Caravita Community is an international, English-speaking assembly of Catholic Christians who come together to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday at the Oratory of San Francesco Saverio “del Caravita”. Our 17th century church lies in the heart of historical Rome.

Members of our congregation include religious, diplomats, UN employees, pilgrims, and students at pontifical universities. Along with members of the congregation, we welcome those who have been away from the Church and those who are curious about what the Catholic faith has to offer.

In November 2019, The Most Revered Ian Ernest was installed as the new Director of the Anglican Centre of Rome. Archbishop Ian Ernest, who was formerly Bishop of Mauritius and Primate of the Anglican Church of the Indian Ocean, will also serve as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Personal Representative to the Holy See. We look forward to continuing the relationship between our two communities.

We value friendship and are committed to ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, to social justice and peace building.

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